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searches for the mythic West in everything, and finds it. Why? Because the Cult of the Cowboy permeates every aspect of human culture, from pop to politics, from global relations to the global lexicon.

Love it or hate it, the world's got Cowboy.

Feeling powerless? Be an epically awesome Silver-Screen Western Hero. See what Gary Cooper--or anyone imbued with the Cowboy Mythos--would do. Check out the State of the Union, from the cowboy presidency of Bush to the State of our neo-cowboy Union.

Feeling parched for western culture? Find the best and worst of western movies, music, and books - courtesy of yours truly and contributing buckaroos-and pulp westerns and book reviews, and film reviews.

Thirsting for something spicy (or dusty)? Hop into the Wild Western Web, WestWays, and The Good, Bad, and Fugly - our world's latest western fetishes, collections, and obsessions.

Saddle up and surf to the farthest reaches of the Wild Western Web and find the best that West has to offer, from first-edition pulps to spaghetti westerns in cineplexes, from celluloid stoics to political spin, from rodeos in the US of A to dude ranches in Europe - anywhere the cult of cowboy reigns.

Happy virtual trails,


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