Justified My Love; or, Elmore Leonard Updates Western Hero

Silence is golden. Combine that with a serious western hero, and you have gunpowder to burn.

(Just one of the many promos pics of Olyphant aiming a gun. Note the un-western tie.)

One of the best modern takes on the classic laconic western hero is U.S. Marshal Rayland Givens, from the master of gab, Elmore Leonard. Leonard’s dialogue–from . . . → Read More: Justified My Love; or, Elmore Leonard Updates Western Hero

The Day of the Ur-Cowboy

In honor of Day of the American Cowboy, I hereby proclaim New York City the official Urban Cowboy State. Someday to join the real Cowboy State, Wyoming, and receive a parade of cowboys up Madison Avenue (fuggeddabout astronauts and sport teams). This day should be for cowboys of all creeds, genders, ethnicities, sexual persuasions, or anyone . . . → Read More: The Day of the Ur-Cowboy

Best Western

A writing buddy of mine had a few e-questions when he saw Owen Wister in the last post. Then he had a few more e-thoughts and a few more e-thoughts, and then by the end of the day he had a list. And what a list it is! I’m proud that this list will be inaugurating . . . → Read More: Best Western