Wanted: Cowboy Presidents 2008

I’ve been unwilling to saddle up the presidential cowboy analogies for some time–Dubya too easy of a target–but THANK ALL THAT IS COWPOKE for recent presidential candidate news. 

Barack Obama resists the cowboy hat–all I can see him as is the lawyer/Dude from a big city, or maybe as a laid-back (yet pistol-packing) James Stewart in Destry Rides Again, . . . → Read More: Wanted: Cowboy Presidents 2008

Cowboy Diplomacy Isn't Just for White Men Anymore

Independent. Rough-hewn. Clean-cut. Hell-raiser, and all in good, clean fun.

But for however many hardworking cowpokes out there, “cowboy” is also code for another array of attributes: rough-and-tumble, no-holds-barred, antiquated, nonrefined, in-your-face. Add that to “diplomacy” and you have a thick brew of Ugly American.

“Cowboy diplomacy” has made it to Wikipedia. In Wiki-speak, it means . . . → Read More: Cowboy Diplomacy Isn't Just for White Men Anymore

Voter Showdown

Candidates on the ’08 . . . → Read More: Voter Showdown