The Day of the Ur-Cowboy

In honor of Day of the American Cowboy, I hereby proclaim New York City the official Urban Cowboy State. Someday to join the real Cowboy State, Wyoming, and receive a parade of cowboys up Madison Avenue (fuggeddabout astronauts and sport teams). This day should be for cowboys of all creeds, genders, ethnicities, sexual persuasions, or anyone . . . → Read More: The Day of the Ur-Cowboy

Gone, Gone, Gone; or, Picksburg Kid Picks

Any western where the Hero bombs a town with trebuckets, and a TNT-dropping kite…

Well, folks, from the dead-eye aim of the Picksburg Kid, that can only be Gone with the West, a ’70s-porn-soundtracked, leather-clad-Sammy Davis Jr.-co-starring, James Caan-must-have-had-to-fulfill-a-contract-mumbling, weird-debauchery-flavored, shaky-camera-for-drunk-scenes, can’t-recall-the-woman’s-name-starring-but-she-became-famous-and-for-this-role-spoke-only-badly-accented-breathy-Spanish-and-got-pushed-around-by-James-Caan, naked-whip-smacking-opening-scene movie.

You’ve got to see it to believe it. It took me a while to appreciate, . . . → Read More: Gone, Gone, Gone; or, Picksburg Kid Picks

The Cowboy Code

It’s difficult to be perfect, and when I was young that’s what I thought Roy Rogers and his singing cowboy comrades were. Too clean, too prissy, and too good. Now I love these Nudie cowboys, although personally I’ll take a grim James Stewart with a holster any day. Universal Pictures/Photofest

Now where was I? Oh . . . → Read More: The Cowboy Code

Alt.Country; or, How to Rock a Hootenanny

In riding the virtual trails of the Wild Western Web, I can come across the truly wild (Bobby Cash, “India’s One in a Billion Country Star”) and the truly wonderful: Postmodern Sounds in Country and Western Music.

Alt. country refers to a pretty diverse array of music with roots in anything from country to rockabilly to punk. . . . → Read More: Alt.Country; or, How to Rock a Hootenanny

They Went Thataway; or, The Absolute Top Worst Westerns

Ladies and gentlemen. I present…the Top Ten Worst Westerns, lassoed, watched, and reviewed by Batboy42. But before delving into these fantastically feeble films, we have here a by-god manifesto, typed by BB’s own self, own words, own heart and soul.

They Went Thataway, by Batboy42



I love Westerns. I like ‘em good or bad, but mostly . . . → Read More: They Went Thataway; or, The Absolute Top Worst Westerns

The Worst of the Worst

How many top ten movie lists are there in the world? Too many, from one point of view. Always room for more, from another. What I believe, from the bottom of my heart, is that it is always great if SOMEONE ELSE makes the list. I’m pleased to shout the arrival, any day now, of the . . . → Read More: The Worst of the Worst

Best Western

A writing buddy of mine had a few e-questions when he saw Owen Wister in the last post. Then he had a few more e-thoughts and a few more e-thoughts, and then by the end of the day he had a list. And what a list it is! I’m proud that this list will be inaugurating . . . → Read More: Best Western