The Miracle Rider; or, How Tom Mix Saved My Novel

In a reckless land…In a lawless place…Sometimes one man can make all the difference. –voice-over of trailer, The Miracle Rider


The story is an old one. Clichéd even. But satisfying.

Writer’s hopes for perfect manuscript leading to speedy publication, six-figure salary, film, and several homes around the world are killed in some suitably dramatic, bloody way. The writer, thereafter called “our hero,” must bury these hopes in the dark ground. Will our hero be driven to sitting at bars and banging a shot glass on the table saying “I coulda had a novel. I almost had a novel…”


Does our hero find the golden treasure hidden within the dashed hopes, an emblem of courage, new ideas, and future hopes? (Cue phoenix-from-the-ashes theme)

Does our hero have the courage to sit astride that bucking bronco of a novel idea and once again fight for Truth, Goodness, and a Novel from Beginning to The End?

Does our hero begin to feel the hero once more, the self-made protagonist who will best all odds, conquer all conflicts, and resolve all in a three-act structure? While looking really damn good in a hat, spurs, on a horse, and kissing the damsel in distress. (There has to be a damsel in there somewhere, just as there has to be a trusty sidekick. For which job position you may inquire, no experience required.)

Will the story of our hero writing a story  come to a good end? Stay tuned for Episode 2: The Winding Trail of Doom and How to Get Out of It by Watching Tom Mix Fight Bad Guys in The Miracle Rider.

“There’s your contract.” — Tom Morgan, played by Tom Mix

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