The Muse of the West, Too; or, Vintage Postcard Tells the Other Side

There are those people who stand in the middle of fragrant sage or wide, billowing prairies,

amidst Joshua trees or whispering pines

and LIKE IT.

And then there are those who DON’T.

Poor Real. Probably missed the lawns and picket fences of CT.

4 comments to The Muse of the West, Too; or, Vintage Postcard Tells the Other Side

  • Poor Real indeed! Dislike the town that much that he or she couldn’t think very well? If they had a crackberry the whole world would know it through over 50 messages.

  • Tim

    Hi Bucko,

    Oh, I’m sure many, many people who went West made the journey and experienced a similar feeling of ‘not being able to think too well’. Imagine the desolation, going all that way and finding empty spaces and towns with no amenities. And no way to get back. And no crackberry, though the post probably ran a couple times a day.


  • co

    How the hell could he think well? For Christ sakes he was in corpi or whatever. Jeesus makes you want to buy a time machine and just get him to California faster…At least they had typewriters there.

  • bucko

    Wow, y’all are right. This was the early twentieth-century crackberry! And of all places, not the Grand canyon or some cool peak in Colorado. I’ve been there though, wondering what the heck I’m doing splashing through a river called the Gila and off a trail. If I could, I would have sent this kind of typos miserable message too.

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