Western Tweets and Posts; or Revisiting the Wild Western Web

Nothing like a dash of reality, I say, especially if they don’t make me ride a horse.

By “they” I mean the real-life cowboys/girls in the world, who blog about getting hay baled and sucking up mud before breakfast. Those riproaring mofos who tweet about 100-degree heat as they work with cattle or mules or horses and then have time to tweet about eating ice cream at the end of the night. Me, I’d be passed out in bed with my (muddy) clothes on.

Not me. Not even remotely.

Me, I get to sit in front of a fan (hate air-conditioning) and watch Lonesome Dove because someone told me to, and come up with ways in which the acting and direction signify the best and worst of American culture. Sure I have to work too. I mean, I slip commas into sentences and check that “sheet” hasn’t become “sheeet” or “shit” and then sometimes at the end of the day but before I can work on my novel my brain hurts and I look into the mirror and say, “ah well, that’s what happens when you sit on your ass all day.”

I like listening in to the tweets and posts of The Cosmic Cowgirl, Agriculture Proud, Pioneer Woman, This Cowgirl Life, Cowboy Logic from 2lazy4U Livestock and Literary Co.Weekend Cowgirl, and Cowboy Frank (OK, he’s a rodeo guy but still–that’s hardcore from my POV).

You could call me a lurker, a fly on the wall–wait. There aren’t many walls in a pasture, so maybe the cliche has to be revised a bit…a fly on a cow patty? (Luckily I don’t have a problem with manure; it’s just the chiggers out there that make me cry. 88 bites. 88! How many people get bit by 88 chiggers? Luckily there was some good homemade wine there that night…)

Where was I…

A little fucker--I mean chigger

Oh, yes, waxing rhapsodic over the fact that I get to hear what’s what from people who pluck the food from their gardens and pens, and those who have to deal with New West issues like water rights and land use claims, vaccines and vegetarians, big agri-businesses, sustainability, and profits, and a herd of beasts that you have to shift from one place to the other even if you’d prefer to sit and watch Lonesome Dove for an afternoon and eat chocolate chip cookies.

I adore them all and want to be like them–in the movies. Good thing the West is a big place. There’s room for all of us…

Idaho. c2010

2 comments to Western Tweets and Posts; or Revisiting the Wild Western Web

  • Brilliant! I try to forge on even when my brain hurts..and if my favorite fella in the fedora had a twitter page he’d be in a lot of trouble. 🙂

  • bucko

    I’d be with you on that one. Old-school fedoras, yum. With trenchcoat and Bogey smirk, please!

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