Happy National Day of the American Cowboy!

And WHY isn’t this date on calendars everywhere?

Whaddaya mean nobody “does” cowboy anymore?

Tell that to rodeo goers to the more than 600 rodeos held every year in the United States, from Las Vegas to Estes Park Colorado, home of the Best Small Rodeo in the Nation, with a not-so-small yearly attendance of 10,000 people.

Oh right. You don’t believe in rodeos. But you should care about the ATV-riding modern cowboy hustling your beef to the stockyard.

And you just bawled at the ending of ToyStory 3, which has Woody as the awesome protagonist who epitomizes nostalgia for the halcyon days of playing with dolls.

Or you just played one of the highest-rated videogames of the year, Red Dead Redemption, which made a New York Times critic rhapsodize over its portrayal of the dynamic between the Old West and the modern world. (And yes, he did say “tour de force.”)

All hail the cowboy!

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