The West is a State of Mind

All roads lead west, if you look for it hard enough. I’m pleased to find some of the best of the Western World not only in my own urban, urbane backyard, but in places like the heart of Iceland as well. Western World Events has the best of what the west, east, north, or south has . . . → Read More: The West is a State of Mind

Voter Showdown

Candidates on the ’08 . . . → Read More: Voter Showdown

Best Western

A writing buddy of mine had a few e-questions when he saw Owen Wister in the last post. Then he had a few more e-thoughts and a few more e-thoughts, and then by the end of the day he had a list. And what a list it is! I’m proud that this list will be inaugurating . . . → Read More: Best Western

Where to Find a Real Man

The first Western novel I read was The Virginian, by Owen Wister. I was in pursuit of an original experience, because being a child of the seventies–a decade of pop image, synthetics, and appropriation–what I believed about life was usually a mishmash of half-remembered and vicarious experiences through books, movies, and blacklight posters. I began to . . . → Read More: Where to Find a Real Man

Howdy, World!

In a few seconds the Democratic presidential candidates will be debating levels of elitism, in a few days Congress will be debating the next huge bill tapping billions of dollars for the Iraq War, and in a few minutes, I will have posted my first entry on CowboyLands. Neither as expensive as a war bill . . . → Read More: Howdy, World!